Nutritious Breakfast Blends Delivered in NYC
  • Vivacity is a customized subscription-based service that delivers nutrition blends created by Certified Nutritionists to you every morning.

    Start your day productive, focused, and well nourished!

  • Breakfast is Essential

    A habit of regular consumption and breakfast has a positive influence on your attention, concentration and memory!

  • You are Unique

    Everyone's body is different. People have various taste preferences and our bodies require specialized nutrients to support our particular lifestyle. Vivacity is tailored to your body type, dietary needs, and lifestyle.

  • Health is Wealth

    Staying healthy can be convenient and cost effective. Fueling your body in the morning ensures you will be your best throughout the day.

  • Simply sign up, complete our HealthID™ Form about daily activity, taste and body-specific requests

  • A custom menu for each day of the week is created by a Certified Nutritionist to support your unique lifestyle

  • We deliver to your office fresh daily